Beautiful & Healing - Turquoise Jewelry Is a Win-Win

Beautiful & Healing - Turquoise Jewelry Is a Win-Win

Whether you're looking for the perfect wearable stone to imbue positive healing powers or just want a beautiful piece of jewelry, turquoise could be what you're looking for. 

The rich tones of turquoise have been a magnet to me for years. Each piece glows with it's own unique characteristics and cries out to be featured in large beautiful  jewelry. Who can resist its charms?

But according to many following a more spiritual path turquoise doesn't stop at beauty alone. Some believe turquoise to be a purification stone, dispelling negative energy and it can even be worn to protect against outdoor pollutants.  Even better, turquoise is said to balance and align the chakras, stabilize mood swings and instill inner calm.  Who couldn't use a little of that?

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  • Jeannine created a stunning custom pendant for me. I supplied her with a large stone that I had found years ago and she worked her magic on it. I now have a beautiful pendant I will treasure for years to come.
    Zoe F
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