Finding Exciting New Places to Source Stones

Finding Exciting New Places to Source Stones

Now that I'm a regular on Instagram, I am finding all kinds of places to buy stones.

I know the Internet knows no bounds but trying to buy stones on the ‘net can be …well a pain in the ass.

Particularly if you live in Canada. Shipping is expensive and the paperwork is annoying beyond words. It also seems to take forever to get stones. Let’s not EVEN discuss the exchange rate shall we?

So I am constantly trawling Instagram, Etsy anywhere else I can think of to find reliable, reasonably priced, AND DIFFERENT materials. I frequently shop late at night with ….well I confess a glass of red wine in one hand and my VISA card in the other. When we had a rural mailbox I would occasionally make sure I got the mail well before my husband. I mean one cannot be married close to 35 years by having FULL DISCLOSURE right? He never really cared…. but just HOW did I amass such a large cache of stones anyway?

I have a few places I love beyond words, the first is Heart of Stone Studio in Cottonwood , Arizona ( What you see is what you get. The people running the site are informed, kind and a joy to deal with every single time. I feel like we have been friends 30 years. I also love, love, love The Clam Shell because they have amazing stones.

Now that I am a regular on Instagram (thank you Lesley Wilkins), I am finding all kinds of places to buy stones. Guess I will need a bigger box for my rocks eh?

I NEVER stop looking for materials & inspiration. Where do you find yours?



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  • Jeannine created a stunning custom pendant for me. I supplied her with a large stone that I had found years ago and she worked her magic on it. I now have a beautiful pendant I will treasure for years to come.
    Zoe F
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