Rocks, Stones & Gems

The stone guides my creative process from design to fabrication. It's important to me that the silver and stone be in harmony. This process leads to work that is irregular, asymmetrical, and truly unique. Just as no two stones are alike no two pieces of my work are alike. The beauty of my work is in the differences between the materials I combine.

Wherever I go I'm on the lookout for interesting stones. Seeing a stone I've never come across before ignites my imagination and gets my creative juices flowing. Admittedly sometime I come across a stone that I just need to possess even if the setting design doesn't appear to me immediately. I have held onto stones for decades waiting for just the right design to come into my head, but then it's like magic and the piece springs to life.

In my shop, whenever possible, I have included information about the stones used. Sometimes all I have is what I was told when I bought the stone, other times I'm able to provide much more detailed information. If you have any questions about the stones used in my jewellery please contact me. I'll be sure to do my best to provide you with the answers your looking for.

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  • I discovered Jeannine Rosenberg while enjoying the Uxbridge Studio Tour. I adore the brightly coloured pieces she creates. I'm so in love with the necklace I bought that I've started shopping for clothes that showoff my necklace instead of the other way around.
    Lesley W
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