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Ammonite in Matrix Pendant - SOLD

Absolutely no denying it...fossils make fabulous jewellery...and this little ammonite in matrix is no exception. 

This unusual pendant features a creature called an ammonite which lived in the Cretaceous period some 63 to 130 million years ago. How cool is that?

The pendant is designed so it can be hung with the curl on the bottom right OR switched to the top left side. The choice is yours.

This piece works well with a simple black top and blue jeans, or dress it up with a chunky chain.

About the Stone

Ammonites are extinct members of the cephalopod group of mollusks. Species that have survived to the present day include the squid and the chambered nautilus. Ammonites have a multi-chambered shell, and add more chambers as they grow, always living in the outer chamber.

measures: L 1.25" on each side

Price does not include chain - Contact me for details


This item is currently unavailable. Please contact us for more information.

What Our Clients Say

  • Jeannine created a stunning custom pendant for me. I supplied her with a large stone that I had found years ago and she worked her magic on it. I now have a beautiful pendant I will treasure for years to come.
    Zoe F
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