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Jade Bead, Sugilite and Lapis Lazuli Pendant

Stacked and stunning. This three stone pendant combines many of my favourite stones as well as one of my favourite colour combinations.

 The Jade bead is from Mexico, age uncertain.  Broken in half I happily found the opportunity to reuse it with other stones. The deep mottled purple of the Sugilite is gemmy and intense and I love the way the tiny square Lapis stone finishes the piece.  

 It works with either a leather lanyard or a sleek silver chain. Wear this on your next Zoom call and it will definitely draw positive attention.

About the Stone

The Jade bead is from Mexico.
Sugilite was first identified in Japan in 1944. The colours range from lavender to deep, deep purple. Currently, material comes from South Africa, New South Wales, Australia and even apparently Canada!
For thousands of years, Lapis Lazuli has been highly prized as both a pigment and as a jewellery material. The best Lapis comes from the mountains of Afghanistan

measures: L  2.5" x W 1"
Chain not included - Contact me for details




What Our Clients Say

  • I discovered Jeannine Rosenberg while enjoying the Uxbridge Studio Tour. I adore the brightly coloured pieces she creates. I'm so in love with the necklace I bought that I've started shopping for clothes that showoff my necklace instead of the other way around.
    Lesley W
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