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Royston Ribbon Turquoise Pendant - SOLD

Stunning Royston Ribbon turquoise mounted on a one-of-a-kind carved and textured silver base.

This unique necklace absolutely shines. Hues of purple, turquoise, and pinks combine to create an eye-catching pendant that everyone will comment on.

About the Stone

From the Royston Mine in Nevada this is a stunning piece of boulder turquoise. Meaning the stone is cut to show off the small vein to turquoise running through it. The other stone is one of my favourite stones and is called Sugilite which comes from South Africa.

measures: L 2.75" x  W 1.75"
Price does not include chain - Contact me for details


This item is currently unavailable. Please contact us for more information.

What Our Clients Say

  • I discovered Jeannine Rosenberg while enjoying the Uxbridge Studio Tour. I adore the brightly coloured pieces she creates. I'm so in love with the necklace I bought that I've started shopping for clothes that showoff my necklace instead of the other way around.
    Lesley W
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