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Green Square Pendant - SOLD

Endless shades of green swirl & meander through this fabulous stone. It almost looks like a painting in an elaborate silver frame.  

If you've got green eyes I can already see you wearing this piece! No green eyes? Have no fear, this wonderful pendant will add a gleaming splash of colour to your outfit and bring out your eye colour whatever it may be.

About the Stone

When I buy stones in little out of the way stores, I write down what they can tell me about the stone. I have the word Prazem Quartz written down. Nothing useful comes up on Google either. Just one of those things. That’s why I love stones.

measures: L 1.75" x W 1.5"

Chain not included - Contact me for details


This item is currently unavailable. Please contact us for more information.

What Our Clients Say

  • I discovered Jeannine Rosenberg while enjoying the Uxbridge Studio Tour. I adore the brightly coloured pieces she creates. I'm so in love with the necklace I bought that I've started shopping for clothes that showoff my necklace instead of the other way around.
    Lesley W
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