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Pinolite Shield Necklace-SOLD

Striking black and white patterns on a shield shaped stone. The patterns resemble pine cones or kernels.  Found in Austria, the stone is called Pinolith and is thought to promote imagination and creativity by banishing negativity and encouraging clarity of mind.

The matte black silver finished pendant is pierced and textured.

Metaphysical adherents also credit this stone with helping them attain the highest state of meditation, finding it a useful aid for relaxation.


About the Stone

Pinolith a rare semi-precious stone is also known as Pinolite, Pinolitstein or in German, Märbelstein.

measures: L 2.25"x W 1.5" Price includes the chain , necklace is approx. 22" long.


This item is currently unavailable. Please contact us for more information.

What Our Clients Say

  • Jeannine created a stunning custom pendant for me. I supplied her with a large stone that I had found years ago and she worked her magic on it. I now have a beautiful pendant I will treasure for years to come.
    Zoe F
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